Introducing the Purbeck Workshop

purbeckworkshopThe Purbeck Workshop is a small building in Wool, Dorset that epitomises what ‘Arts in Health’ is all about.
It is a charity providing ‘Creative escapes for those touched by cancer’. Short sessions for people to enjoy, free of charge and without any prior skill. That’s the practicality of their service, but it’s so much more. I have been working there for a year and a half and it’s one of my favourite places in the world!

People often arrive nervous because it’s taken them months to pluck up the courage to come and join us. I understand how confidence can be knocked after you’ve been through treatments, or that you can be shattered while  going through chemo etc. It’s a big step trying something new.

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What the Purbeck Workshop does is support you & give you something to do (a focus/a task) and it’s usually pretty simple… so you get to chat whilst doing it. The therapy in talking to others who have been or are in a place (in their treatment) like yourself and performing simple, fun tasks is refreshing, relaxing and provides a stimulation and focus away from the negative aspects of cancer. I run themed workshops with different mixed media; one day we could be printing or painting and another we could be doing sculpture. I provide all the materials and starting ideas and I encourage creativity to flourish.

So many people who have come have not wanted the session to end, because it’s such good fun & it provides a ray of light; something to look forward to and get up for. Often the idea of making an effort to do something is so exhausting that you simply can’t face it – The Purbeck Workshop is worth that effort….. Every time I run a session it is filled with laughter (sometimes the odd tear), but it is always a positive experience. The art I help the members to make is displayed every six months in a themed exhibition. This provides a further focus to work towards and a reason to celebrate (not only) a landmark, but the beautiful work that has been made and the processes it took.

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If you are thinking about joining up, please do look through their website or Facebook page for session dates and times.

The workshop is full of lovely people, the work we create is fun, focused and light – You don’t have to be good at art, but you may find you’re better than you thought you were.

Purbeck workshop provides sessions on

Woodwork, Crochet, watercolour, printing (etching, collagraph and screenprinting), painting, glass painting, sculpture, flower arranging, stargazing, photography, music, massage, drawing and many more…

Twitter: PurbeckWorkshop

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2 thoughts on “Introducing the Purbeck Workshop

  1. Great blog post. Thanks so much, you’ve captured in one page the best description of who we are and this helps us raise awareness for anyone who has been touched by cancer and in need of some creative escape time.

    Purbeck Workshop Trustee


  2. Great job on the newsletter and the blog, Sinead & Bridget. Also to the person(s) who does the postings – lots of work!
    With appreciation,


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